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A Brief Family History: The Brackman Group

The Brackman Group is an organization of family-owned construction businesses serving Twin Falls and the Magic Valley of Southern Idaho since 1976.


That’s when Bill Brackman, the patriarch of the family, launched “The Finishing Touch,” in 1976. It was a concrete finishing company and by the 1990’s Bill and his small company had a stellar reputation. His wife, Judy, worked with Bill and their customers while also starting a family and running a household.


When Bill passed in 1997, the family included Judy and their three children. All were struggling to meet the challenges brought about by such a loss and the pain of facing the future without him.


In 1999, Judy approached their family friend, Loren Haugee, asking him if he would consider taking over The Finishing Touch. After much deliberation, Loren accepted and worked with the two teenaged boys: Matthew and Andrew. The story of their on-the-job training is still unfolding.


The family lore contains many stories that track a family, a father’s legacy, two sons finding their way in the world and untold lessons learned. 

Meet The Team


Andrew Brackman

I worked at The Finishing Touch with my Father, during summers while I was in grade & high-school. I remember how I loved working with my Dad but I didn’t think concrete was what I wanted to do: it was too hard, too hot, too cold and the idea of “mindless labor” ran against the grain of my active imagination.


Matt Brackman

My father started his concrete finishing business, The Finishing Touch, in 1976—five years before I was born. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t sit with him in his truck as we made the rounds to current jobs and new customer’s homes. Throughout those years, as a child, I was meeting people that I still connect with today! On a daily/weekly basis, today!


Loren Haugee

Here goes nothin’

In his own extraordinary way,

We’ll let Loren share his resume with you:


High school graduate

Three years college

US Army military service

Division Manager, Boise-based company

General Manager, The Finishing Touch 1999-2014

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