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The Nature of Idaho

Seems like we're always talking about The Nature of Idaho, since we live in a Community that makes it possible for us to enjoy the nature of Idaho. Below are Andrew's and Matt's take on why we feel so privileged to call the Magic Valley our home and to explore the beauty, space and light of Idaho.

Nature's a BIG word that takes in the human as well as the many others with whom we share it. One thing we know is that we try to give back to the Nature of Idaho which gives so much to us and our families.

Andrew's Take

Matt's Take


I’ve have lived in Idaho my entire life, so maybe I’m biased. I think Idaho is the most interesting, geologically diverse and certainly one of the most beautiful states in the union. So yes, I guess I might as well admit, I’m biased!

When people ask what there is to do in Idaho, for me, there’s one good answer: “Head outside!” Idaho is blessed with so much to see and do—outside. The mountains are some of the most beautiful anywhere, with vast tracts of wilderness and the longest un-dammed river on the continent. The deserts are the "wallflowers”, an acquired taste. Sometimes it takes a trained eye to see the subtle beauty- and a love of solitude, long views, and the smell of sagebrush when it’s hot outside.

Camping, backpacking, hunting, skiing and just watching nature are some of the things I love to do outside. Like everybody, it’s hard to take time from our sometimes-frantic schedules, but I never regret it when I do, and I always come back realizing that frenzy is more in our minds than in reality. Time spent staring at the mountains or listening to the lake lapping and the birds singing is never wasted. I grew up camping in many of the beautiful spots in the state, especially the Stanley area. I’ve been an avid bird watcher since I was ten years old, and discovered my love of elk hunting and the habitat they live in when I was about fourteen, which was also close to the time a friend took me on my first backpacking trip into the Sawtooths. Ever since, I’ve loved each minute of time I get in the mountains!

I like Idaho’s diverse terrain, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. I prefer to be near the water and I wish there was a coast, a beach but we don’t have that in Idaho. Anywhere there’s water, I like to be around it: swimming, boating, fishing . . . I love fishing, fly fishing especially. I don’t do it often enough because I let work take precedence, but I love fly fishing.

    I’ll go bait fishing too because that’s what my wife likes to do and I enjoy that too, if we can go out on the lake and bring the dogs with us. Or if I’m fly fishing on one of the streams, whether it’s Silver Creek or one of the local streams: I just love it.

    It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a way of unwinding. I know, when you connect with Nature, it’s a whole different vibe and I’m betting it’s also the key to good health: physical and mental. I find it contributes to so much of what’s positive in my life.

    My wife and I enjoy camping—we just love being outdoors! It’s our passion, really. We like going for a walk in the mountains of an evening, taking a bike ride on the trails, exploring the rivers and canyons!

    We live in a neat area, in Twin Falls County. And I love going up into the Blaine County/Sun Valley area.  In the winter, skiing is a huge passion of mine and it’s an important way I find I can release tension. I just feel privileged to have such impressive mountains nearby.

    Idaho is incredibly diverse. We look forward to exploring more of it as we cross them off our bucket list: Yellowstone, Island Park, Idaho Panhandle! To name a few!

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