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“What a pleasure it was to work with such a great company! My phone call was promptly returned followed by an in-person assessment of the job. The excavation and concrete crews were very professional and seemed to really enjoy their jobs and working with each other. The Finishing Touch they put on my driveway is just that! I LOVE the finished product! True quality!”

—Dorothy Sayers, Buhl, Idaho

I have known Matt and Andrew Matt Brackman, Owners of Brackman Excavating and The Finishing Touch Concrete Construction respectively, for the past 15 years and it has been a pleasure working with them whether supplying materials to them or using them as a subcontractor. I know both their safety values, their quality and workmanship and their commitment to perfection in every aspect of completing a project in a timely and customer-pleasing fashion is deeply appreciated by me and others, I look forward to working with them for years to come!

—James ‘Bodie’ Ponton
Material Sales, Sales
Idaho Materials & Construction
Twin Falls, ID

I can’t say enough about the help and expertise Andrew and Matt Brackman (the Brackman Group) donated to the Youth House! Everything I asked of them, they did. I know they do primarily concrete and excavation but we had some unique problems with this building and the Brackmans were undaunted!

There was a new water line that we had to install for the fire suppression system. And we also found we had a leak that nobody could fix. We had accidentally punched a hole in our wall. Andrew and Matt were able to come up with a brand new solution to fix that, where earlier attempts had failed! 


We had a drainage problem that would periodically flood our training room. We actually, completely, remodeled an entire room and then it flooded! We found out later that this was a problem from the past and no one had been able to address it successfully. By the time remodeling for the Youth House had begun, we’d found out that the building had been flooding every couple of years. 


Matt & Andrew Brackman fixed that too! And it was a difficult task that required a new drain field— really tough stuff! They did it well and each with a smile on his face. We couldn’t appreciate them more. Those guys are as good as it gets!”

—Barry Knoblich
Twin Falls Optimist Youth House



Matt, Loren & Andrew

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