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Our Work

We do work for home/property owners and contractors, handling a range of concrete construction including:


  • Decorative Concrete

  • Patios

  • Driveways

  • Walkways

  • Steps

  • Remove & Replace

  • Parking Lots

  • Floors

  • Foundations


"Working with concrete is extremely demanding. Sometimes, if we’re doing a big pour, we’ll merge a couple of crews and that requires amazing teamwork. Everyone has to pull together. There’s a point at which you can tell everybody gets that and they begin to synchronize their movements while dealing with intense pressure and limited time, doing work that is exacting and critical. It’s exciting! And it’s always good to feel that way about the work you do."


—Andrew Brackman

"I can't say enough about The Finishing Touch. They stand by their work and will always make it right. The owners and their staff all care about making sure a quality job is done. You get more than you pay for with them. The Finishing Touch uses the highest quality materials available and consistently looks for cutting-edge products. They recently introduced us to a new sound-dampening product. It cost less than what we were using and is twice as nice. It has quickly become our standard. Andrew Brackman is always looking for better ways to serve his customers. You will not regret choosing The Finishing Touch!"
—Brack McMurtrey
Twin Falls Operations Manager
Intermountain Gas Company
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