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About Loren Haugee

Here goes nothin’
In his own extraordinary way,
We’ll let Loren share his resume with you:

High school graduate
Three years college
US Army military service
Division Manager, Boise-based company
General Manager, The Finishing Touch 1999-2014
Sales, The Finishing Touch, 2014 to present
Wonderful relationships with Bill & Judy Brackman’s Family
Took over as General Manager of The Finishing Touch due to Bill’s passing . . .
Enjoyed working with Judy, running her company & working with her boys & staff
Shared the same core values in business as Bill & Judy including moral & ethical values


As a team, Matt, Andrew & I, it seemed as if we were demonstrating qualities

established by Bill when he created the company.


When the Brackman boys were young,

It was a comfort to me to know how Bill would have instructed them

And that gave me the freedom to model those principles for them.


I love meeting people!

All of my current and potential customers are important to me.

However, being older myself, it is of special importance to me to explain

Details to other elders about what our company can do for them

And to alleviate any fears for people who do not have much experience in hiring a contractor. Many life-long relationships and friendships have followed as a result.

Often, I am honored to be asked for advice by past customers

who trust and seek my counsel.


A salesman must believe in the product. I have confidence in the products we use and in the capable hands of our skilled workers who can deliver precisely

What our customers want to see at the completion of the job.

Loren Haugee

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