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About Brackman Excavating

Job Well Done
“When we finish the project, the major part of our enjoyment is when the customer says, ‘That’s exactly what I wanted—you guys nailed it!’”
—Matt Brackman

Everybody knows how much I love operating heavy equipment by now. It’s rewarding not only operating the equipment but the types of projects that we can do: like the satisfaction of digging the perfectly excavated site with all the different levels and grades just as they were specified.

Referring to some of the basements we’ve done, I’m aware of the fact that a basement is not usually called gorgeous! However, it’s symmetrical, everything from the mono-footings we dig to the floor—it’s pretty neat! 

Nobody inspects our digs, but one of the city’s concrete inspectors walked by and looked. We had done several basements at one time and he turned to me and he said, “I’ve got to give it to you guys, it’s the cleanest dig I’ve ever seen! It’s clean, it’s safe . . . it’s art!” That feels good and it’s one of the reasons we enjoy doing it.

Another time, one of the guys on the city water crew said, “The digs look good and they’re safe for the ground guys.”

Anyway, that’s just part of how we like to do things. Some people don’t care how it looks, but we do.

Even the septic systems we install, Andrew and I take pride in how straight the plumbing and trenches are. On all our septic systems, we try to make it a very clean install.

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