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About Andrew Brackman

I worked at The Finishing Touch with my father during summers in grade and high school. I remember how I loved working with my dad, but I didn’t think concrete was what I wanted to do: it was too hard, hot, and cold, and the idea of “mindless labor” ran against the grain of my active imagination.

After Dad passed away and I felt some responsibility to help in the family business, I applied myself to construction and found out that it was anything but “mindless!” It is an endless problem-solving exercise that is very rewarding to (almost) everything that you put into it. I also learned that hard physical work has a certain satisfaction attached to it that nothing else matches.

I graduated from high school early when I was 16 and went straight to work in concrete. My brother, Matt, and I became partners of Brackman Excavating around 2007 to complement the concrete construction. We bought The Finishing Touch from our mom in 2014.

During the winters, the outdoor construction season slows down, and I was able to help, work, and learn many different aspects of construction, including framing, electrical, plumbing, and steel erection.​

Andrew Brackman

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