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About Andrew Brackman

I worked at The Finishing Touch with my Father, during summers while I was in grade & high-school. I remember how I loved working with my Dad but I didn’t think concrete was what I wanted to do: it was too hard, too hot, too cold and the idea of “mindless labor” ran against the grain of my active imagination.

After Dad passed away and I felt some responsibility to help out in the family business, I applied myself to construction and found out that it was anything but “mindless!” It is actually an endless problem-solving exercise that is very rewarding to (almost) everything that you put into it. I also learned that hard physical work has a certain satisfaction attached to it that nothing else really matches.


I graduated from high school early, when I was 16, and went straight to work in concrete! My brother, Matt, and I partnered in Brackman Excavating around 2007, as a compliment to the concrete construction. We bought The Finishing Touch from our Mother in 2014.


During the winters, when the outdoor construction season is usually stalled out, I was able to help, work and learn many different aspects of construction including framing, electrical, plumbing and steel erection.

Andrew Brackman

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