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The Boys
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We can help you with the excavation

on your project.


It's easy! 

We can help you with the concrete

on your project.


It's easy! 

What is the Brackman Group?

The Brackman Group is the latest rendition of a family business set in motion by its founder, Bill Brackman in 1976.

Fast-forward to the present, and Bill’s two sons are operating Brackman Excavating run by Matt Brackman

and The Finishing Touch concrete construction run by Andrew Brackman.


What our Customers have to say . . . 

Teaters Knoll

Scot Zimmerman

“I first met Matthew and Andrew Brackman when they were helping their father, Bill Brackman, create a new architectural finish slab on top of the old concrete slab in the carport at Teater’s Knoll. This required exceptional focus and care because, as the only Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structure in Idaho, Teater’s Knoll is on the National Register of Historic Places. And Bill was up to the task.

    Tragically, Bill Brackman died halfway through the project. It is a sign of the character and integrity of Matthew and Andrew that they could not leave the work of their father only partially completed. So at the ages of 15 and 13, they came back and completed the project and did it in a way that would have made their father proud. The work was difficult—colored concrete with FLW’s parallelogram grid inscribed in the concrete to match the other floors of the building—but they executed it flawlessly. 

Since then, they have been back a couple of times to do other projects here and always executed them with the same care. I can think of no other subcontractor, in any profession, who has worked at Teater’s Knoll, who I would recommend more highly than Matthew and Andrew Brackman at The Finishing Touch.”

—Henry Whiting

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